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Wednesday April 01, 2015

Battlefield Hardline Performance Video Card Review

If you haven't done so already, make sure you guys take a moment to read our Battlefield Hardline Performance Video Card Review today. Our crew has taken a dozen video cards and put them to the test to see just what it takes to get the most out of this game.

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Battlefield Hardline has been released finally. We gather twelve video card comparisons and find out what you need to enjoy this game in multiplayer and campaign modes. We will look at multi-GPU scaling, D3D vs. Mantle, and VRAM usage to find out where the best money is spent to enjoy this new game.


Record-Shattering, All-Electric 1968 Mustang

If I was going to drop $200K on an electric car, it would definitely be something like this. cool

The Zombie 222 produces over 800 horsepower and a mind-numbing 1,800 pounds of torque. Those numbers translate into a 0–60 time of just 2.4 seconds, a remarkable eighth-mile time of 6.8 seconds at 101 mph and an estimated quarter-mile time of 10.7 seconds at 125 mph.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Bitfenix Colossus Mini-ITX @ Bjorn3D

Power Supply: Xigmatek Maverick S 500W @ techPowerUP!

Storage: Patriot Ignite 480GB SSD @ LanOC

Silicon Power S80 240GB SATA SSD @ Modders Inc.

Video: 28nm GPUs Extended Through 2015 @ PCPer

PNY GTX 980 XLR8 Pro OC @ HwC

Woman Charged For Flashing Breasts At Street View Car

Trust me, after you look at the picture, you are going to want her arrested too. big grin

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GoDaddy IPO Values Company At $4.5B

Hahahahaha, GoDaddy is worth $4.5 billion. This is an April Fool's Day joke...right?

Web hosting company GoDaddy Inc has priced its initial public offering at $20 per share, above its previously indicated $17 to $19 per share range, valuing it at around $4.5 billion, including debt, according to underwriting sources. At this price, the IPO would raise $440 million. A GoDaddy spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Introducing Amazon Dash Button

This better not be an April Fool's Day joke...I'm almost out of toilet paper. wink

Keep Dash Button handy in the kitchen, bath, laundry, or anywhere you store your favorite products. When you're running low, simply press Dash Button and Amazon quickly delivers household favorites at the same low prices offered on Amazon.com, so you can skip the last-minute trip to the store.


ASUS X99-A Motherboard Review

HiTech Legion has posted a review of the ASUS X99-A motherboard today. For comparison purposes, you can see our evaluation here.

ASUS has presented an excellent X99 based motherboard with the X99-A model, of course it is designed for high end machines since it uses the LGA 2011-3 socket. You also have to consider what you are getting with a Haswell-E chip is pure CPU processing power and for graphics processing you will need a GPU or possibly more than one.


Smartbox By Inbox By Google

I actually laughed out loud when the mailbox shocked the spammer. smile


Introducing PlayStation Flow

The sad part about this video is that, compared to other things Sony's has launched, it's not unreasonable to think this could be something the company would actually make. big grin


CERN Researchers Confirm The Existence Of The Force

I guess this is better than CERN researchers confirming the existence of black holes...by opening one on Earth! big grin

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Gaming [H]eadlines

April Fools Update Changes Minecraft @ Kotaku

Battlefield 4: Weapon Crate DLC Details @ VG24/7

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Beta Begins @ Pink's News

Sunset Overdrive Gets A Price Cut @ Shacknews

$399 Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet

It's too bad this is fake, it actually looks pretty neat. Damn you April Fool's Day! Damn you! wink

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Google's April Fool's Prank

At first I thought Google was just being a dick to people with dyslexia. big grin

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Win A Custom Built PC From Puget Systems And ASUS

As part of its 500 Millions Motherboard Sold celebration, ASUS has teamed up with Puget Systems to give away a complete i7-4790X powered Serenity Pro system. Hit the link to enter to win!

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Win this silent BEAST featuring an ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark S and STRIX GTX 980 expertly assembled inside a Fractal Define R5. Powered by ASUS. Built by Puget Systems.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases: In Win 703 Mid-Tower @ techPowerUP!

ETC.: AMD A8-7650K APU @ Technic3D

Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum @ ThinkComputers

Motherboards: ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer @ Bjorn3D

Storage: Crucial BX100 SSD @ BmR

Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 SSD @ CFRLabs

Uber Driver Accused Of Burglary

This guy would have normally been crowned the "stupid criminal of the day" but it's still pretty early.

According to investigators, the suspect is an Uber driver who’d given a woman a lift to the airport and then circled back to her home, likely thinking it’d be empty, reports 9News. But the woman’s roommate was home during the burglary attempt around 1 p.m. in the afternoon, and allegedly caught the man trying to break in through the back of the house.


President Puts 'Malicious Cyber Actors' On Notice

April Fool's Day seems like an odd day to make an announcement like this. "We're coming after you....just kidding!"

The executive order, announced on Wednesday by Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Lisa Monaco, allows the Secretary of the Treasure, Secretary of State and Attorney General to impose sanctions on "malicious cyber actors" that hack into US companies, government networks, or individual citizen information.


Corsair Announces To The World It Has Big Balls

If you are going to do an April Fool's Day video, you might as well go all the way with an announcement that takes balls.


Google 'Makes People Think They Are Smarter Than They Are'

Don't roll your eyes, we all know someone that thinks they are Einstein just because they can Google something. big grin

Search engines like Google or Yahoo make people think they are smarter than they actually are because they have the world's knowledge at their fingertips, psychologists at Yale University have found.


MSI 970 GAMING AM3+ Motherboard

There is a review of the MSI 970 GAMING AM3+ motherboard posted this morning at HwC. As far as I can tell, this looks like a regular ol' non-April Fool's Day review. No joke.

Due to what we can only describe as stagnating CPU development and a palpable lack of reader interest, we haven't actually reviewed an AMD AM3+ motherboard since all the way back in May 2011. Surprisingly - and regrettably - there really hasn't been any huge advancements since then. The processors are still fundamentally based on the Bulldozer microarchitecture, there is still no support for PCI Express 3.0, and the SB950 southbridge is still being used so high speed connectivity is limited to SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0.


Half-Life 3 Trailer

It wouldn't be April Fool's Day without a Half-Life 3 trailer to kick things off. wink


UK: Join ASUS At Multiplayer Insomnia i54

Multiplay Insomnia i54 takes places at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK, from 3rd – 6th April. ASUS will be there, sponsoring several areas and supporting our retail partners and epic system builders. Attendees will be able to play the latest games on ASUS-powered PCs with ASUS Strix peripherals on numerous booths, including OcUK, PC Specialist, CCL, Chillblast and Eclipse Computers. If you fancy getting hands-on with the ROG Swift PG278Q G-Sync monitor then Chillblast has nine (!!) of these beauties ready to enjoy!


Microsoft Announcing New Surface 3

Today, Microsoft introduces the new Surface 3, powered by the recently announced Intel® Atom™ x7 processor, the highest performing processor in the Intel Atom™ product family. The Intel Atom x7 processor doubles the graphics performance over the prior generation processor. Surface 3 is the thinnest and lightest Surface yet and is optimized to run Windows and Office at an affordable price.


Tuesday March 31, 2015

In Win D-Frame Mini

Another review of the In Win D-Frame Mini has hit the internet today. This time around it is the gang at CowcotLand doing the reviewing. You can see our evaluation here for comparison purposes.

Physically, the D-Frame Mini looks like a small D-Frame except that the case comes already assembled. But look closer, many changes have been made, both on the frame as the overall design. We thus find a tubular aluminum structure, with two tempered glass panels for the left and right sides.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Bitfenix Aegis @ ocaholic

Storage: Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SATA and mSATA @ PCPer

Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SATA and mSATA @ Legit Reviews

Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SATA and mSATA @ HotHardware

Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SATA and mSATA @ Tech Report

Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SATA and mSATA @ TechSpot

Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SATA and mSATA @ Bjorn3D

Video: HIS Multi-View X2 @ MadShrimps

GTA V PC 60 FPS Trailer Coming Thursday

Normally we don't like posting announcements about announcements but we are talking about the Grand Theft Auto V PC 60 frames-per-second trailer that is coming out Thursday. Here's a handful of screenshots to hold you over until then:

News Image

News Image News Image

News Image News Image

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Man Who Sued Comcast Wants $5M For Being Smeared

Remember the guy that got fired over complaining about his Comcast bill? Well, not only is he suing Comcast, he is seeking more than $5 million in damages.

But this time, he's now raised the demanded amount to more than $5 million. Previously, he had asked for "all damages legally and/or proximately caused to Mr. O’Rourke by Defendants totaling more than $1 million" when the suit was first filed in October 2014.


Fans Have Dropped $77M On This Guy’s Buggy, Half-Built Game

It sure doesn't seem like Wired is a fan of Star Citizen or its creator, Chris Roberts.

Star Citizen gets relatively little attention from the countless gaming-enthusiast websites that breathlessly report every tiny development on big mainstream titles. But Ten Ton Hammer, a site devoted to massively multiplayer online games, has been voicing some Emperor-has-no-clothes skepticism about Roberts' project. "Pushing imaginary ships that cost $2,500 when there isn't a shred of a game," wrote critic Lewis Burnell, "feels like a con rather than an investment."


HP Sues Former Autonomy Execs, Seeking $5B

You'd think that all this stuff would have come out before HP overpaid $5 billion for the company. eek!

HP can confirm that, on March 30, a Claim Form was filed against Michael Lynch and Sushovan Hussain alleging they engaged in fraudulent activities while executives at Autonomy. The lawsuit seeks damages from them of approximately $5.1 billion. HP will not comment further until the proceedings have been served on the defendants.


Funny Video of the Day

You don't even have to be a fan of Top Gear or Just Cause 2 to appreciate this video. big grin


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